Visual Culture 2019 Guest Lecture


Erin E. Edwards is Associate Professor of English and Director of the Literature Program at Miami University, Ohio. Her book, The Modernist Corpse: Posthumanism and the Posthumous (University of Minnesota Press, 2018) unearths the previously buried “life” of the corpse in early-twentieth-century literature, art, and visual culture, arguing that the corpse is involved in challenging traditional conceptions of who—and what—counts as human.

The Modernist Corpse is a far-reaching and original study of the complexity of the cultural categories that organize representations of human life and death in modernist writing and art. Erin E. Edwards brings together an impressive range of writers, genres, and media, reflecting that increasingly expansive sense, among literary historians, of modernism’s archive.
— David Sherman, author of In a Strange Room: Modernism's Corpses and Mortal Obligation

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Erin E. Edwards

Miami University

“Autopsy-Optics: Surveillance and the Invisible Human Project”

2.15.19 / 3pm - 5pm

WSU Student Center 010