Conference Program*

*Subject to change

9:00 – 10:30

Panel #1: Imag(in)ng the Body: Defamiliarization, Distortion, and Otherness

Moderator: Hillary Weiss (Wayne State University) 

Ingrid Alexandra Schmidt (Cranbrook Academy of Art) – "Lenses and Mouthpieces"

Ella Tucan (Wayne State University) – "Seeing Double: The Volatility of Female Representation in The Handmaiden"

Genevieve DeLeon (Cranbrook Academy of Art) – "The State's Imaging of the Body: An Erosion of Personhood"


10:45 – 12:15

Panel #2: Imag(in)ing Politics: A Multi-Media Approach

Moderator: Matt Linton (Wayne State University) 

Shelby Cadwell (Wayne State University) - "'This ain't that kind of movie, bruv': Decoding Race, Class, and Genre in Kingsman: The Secret Service"

Aaron Patrick Decker (M.F.A. Cranbrook Academy of Art, Independent Jewelry Designer) - "Objects as Male, Camouflage in Plain Sight"

Emily Spunaugle (Oakland University) - "The Enemy Constructed: Russian Constructivism in American Political Protest"


  12:15 – 1:15





1:15 – 2:45

Panel #3: Imag(in)ing the Body Politic: Exposing Normativity, Challenging Normalization

Moderator: Aden Jordan (Wayne State University) 

Sean Milligan (Wayne State University) – "The Deplorables: Pepe the Frog and the Trump Campaign"

Chelsea Flowers (Cranbrook Academy of Art) – "Check Point: An Investigation in Otherness and Game Play"

Peter Marra (Wayne State University) – "The New Normal: Queering the Final Girl(s) in Scream Queens"


3:00 – 5:00

DeRoy Lecture


Tavia Nyong’o (Yale University) - "Decrypting Blackness: Kitchen Steve and 'The Brother from Another Planet'"


5:00 – 6:00

Featured Keynote Speaker


Tung-Hui Hu (University of Michigan) - "How to Say Whatever: Lethargic Users and the Art of Being Indifferent"